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Financial Highlights Report

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 2014 FQ2 YTD2013 FY2012 FY2011 FY2010 FY
Period Ended6/30/201412/31/201312/31/201212/31/201112/31/2010
Balance Sheet ($000)   
Total Assets7,651,3797,564,6517,721,7617,325,5277,500,970
Total Net Loans4,428,0964,259,5144,123,4014,073,9684,247,429
Total Deposits6,179,0426,133,7506,240,4115,826,9715,925,713
Equity Attributable to Parent Company838,526801,581751,186771,020736,802
Total Equity838,526801,581751,186771,020736,802
Profitability (%)   
Net Income ($000) 42,47086,13658,22444,54637,356
Net Income Attributable to Parent ($000) 42,47086,13658,22444,54637,356
Core ROAA1.151.170.790.610.53
Core ROAE10.5611.177.475.915.46
Net Interest Margin3.503.543.663.803.89
Reported: Net Interest Margin3.533.543.663.803.89
Efficiency Ratio63.9461.8360.3860.2761.08
Noninterest Inc / Operating Rev30.0332.0331.8526.4826.46
Balance Sheet Ratios/ Capital (%)   
Loans / Deposits72.0170.1766.6270.9372.93
Securities / Assets27.7628.8228.9130.0226.16
Total Equity / Total Assets10.9610.609.7310.539.82
Tangible Equity / Tangible Assets8.728.327.468.137.45
Tang Common Equity / Tang Assets8.728.327.467.436.76
Tier 1 Common Capital Ratio13.4513.3111.9411.0410.12
Tier 1 Ratio15.0214.9313.6014.5513.53
Risk-based Capital Ratio16.6916.7515.5916.5415.50
Leverage Ratio10.3510.088.819.849.27
Asset Quality (%)   
NPAs / Assets1.561.742.233.753.23
NPA Excl Restructured / Assets1.251.451.823.243.05
NPAs & 90+ PD / Assets1.581.772.263.813.26
NPAs / Loans & REO2.633.024.056.505.51
Nonaccrual & 90+ & OREO / Assets1.271.481.853.303.08
NPAs & 90+ PD / Loans & REO2.673.074.106.605.55
NPA & Loans 90+ / Tangible Common Equity + LLR16.5419.1726.3743.4139.74
NCOs / Avg Loans00.211.261.541.10
Loan Loss Reserves / Gross Loans1.741.962.382.692.76
Reserves / NPAs65.7064.7958.3441.0249.69
Loan Loss Provision / NCONM(67.70)77.1588.04135.29
Per Share Information ($)   
Common Shares Outstanding (actual) 44,255,01244,155,06343,290,32342,984,17442,800,694
Avg Diluted Shares (actual) 44,593,85544,044,60243,092,97842,847,19640,127,365
Basic Book Value per Share18.9518.1517.3516.7716.05
As-reported Book Value per Share18.9518.1517.3516.7716.05
Basic Tangible Book Value per Share14.7113.8912.9712.3311.55
Reported: Tangible Book Value14.7113.8912.9712.3311.55
Common Dividends Declared per Share0.320.410.490.460.45
EPS after Extra0.951.961.270.960.85
EPS after Extra Growth (%) 054.3032.3012.90(46.5)
Core EPS0.971.981.280.960.87
Core EPS Growth (%) 0.7055.1033.3010.00(47.2)
Diluted EPS before Amortization0.971.991.300.990.89
Pre-Provision Earnings per Share0.851.871.851.781.88
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